S.W.A.T. (Pericula Non Timeo)


02:52          Received message

At DOVO headquarter in Oud-Heverlee Leuven, ring station. Person died in suspicious car crash. Traces explosives were found at crime scene.

03:28          Identification deceased suspect

Body identified. Investigation in residence of suspect is ongoing. Threat of explosive devices . Reinforcement required.

04:02          Video footage

Analysis of found video images. Research indicates terror threat.

07:15         Country in a state of emergency, DOVO forms a team with top talents from SWAT

Life threatening situation. Nuclear bomb on Belgian territory. Emergency consultation starts to increase threat level. DOVO compiles new team in cooperation with SWAT.

The investigation shows that the suspect acted very thoughtfully and professionally.

Even his suicide has hit his intended goal of getting, the by him exact wanted, services on the trail of his masterplan crime.

The deceased defendant was an ex-special force agent and expert in the development of explosive devices.

He was also known to have been in trouble with the government for years.

By placing a nuclear bomb in an unknown place in Belgium, he tried to avenge the country.

Your mission is to locate the bomb as quickly as soon as possible by using clues left behind by the suspect.

Another team is ready to defuse the bomb.

Be quick. Time is running out.