Panic House (16+)


This is

WARNING! (16+)

Forget everything you think you know about classic escape rooms! In our Panic House, nothing is what it seems. The emphasis in the Panic House is on the experience and not so much on the puzzles, think of your worst nightmares!

The house you enter is completely decorated with horror elements. Here you can experience fear and horror to the max! You end up in frightening situations, are faced with dark forces, and will have to endure unexpected events. Your senses are stimulated to the limit. Are you going to be able to handle this experience mentally and physically? 

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Sympathizers join a cult.. However, before they are allowed to join, they have to take part in a blood sacrifice.

Initially no details regarding the type of blood sacrifice are given.

They travel and meet up at the agreed location. Soon they find a letter informing them about the details of the blood sacrifice: they need to sacrifice themselves.

You might think; what was the purpose of finding the letter; terrorize them with fear or is it indeed the truth?

Whatever it is, they will have to complete all orders if they want a chance to even try and get out alive..